Clean Mat = New Beginning

A new beginning can start with the simplest of things like a yoga mat. For some, it marks a change to a healthier lifestyle. For others, who are open to learning a lesson or two, a simple yoga tool can turn into an emotional mind-boggling light-bulb moment.

I’ve been stuck in a rut watching how yoga develops off the mat. I haven’t been to a class in far too long (throw in excuses here) and my body is feeling the effects of not making time to practice at home (more excuses go here).

“Clean yoga mat” has been on my to do list for weeks now. It didn’t need the typical mat wipe down after class. My mat needed a deep cleaning.

The day finally came when I scrubbed down the tub and threw in the mat. As I washed away dirt and grime, memories surfaced…buying the mat, the studios it visited, all the sweat it absorbed, smells of each studio, teachers, friends, and how I’ve changed since it came into my life almost a year ago.

I needed that moment to clean the slate and start over. Feeling refreshed, the mat and I are ready to begin again.

clean mat